In the winter of 2014 we landed a contract to build another Elektra. The first Elektra, Pianissimo, was launched in June of 2014. The second Elektra, Dolce, was completed shortly after that.  The Elektra model is our electric boat. Our motto at Symphony Boat Company is “in harmony with nature.” We feel as if this boat truly brings the harmony we are looking for. Having an all electric motor system and will not pollute the waterway will help to preserve the waterways for future generations. Everyone has memories of their childhood, going out on the lake with Dad or Grandpa and just loving every minute of it. We want future generations to be able to have that same experience.

Also, we use a product called Lamboo to build with. Lamboo is a bamboo product. Bamboo is one of the best renewable resources. It is great for building with because of its strength. Another great feature of LambooElektra Five-2 is the grain pattern.

Having boats that are all electric and leave no impact on our waterways is somethingthat is very important to us. The two Elektras that we built this last summer were Elektra Six-2’s. They are 20’6” and seat 10 passengers. The reception of the crowds that were able to rent them in Duluth was great. The customers got seemed to keep calling them the modern classic. Also mentioned how well the boats handled in the harbor and how easy they were to maneuver.

The newest build for SBC is for an Elektra Five-2. This Elektra will be 17′ and have a capacity of six passengers. The SBC team is well under way and is very excited to have this boat completed. After completion she will be headed up to Ely, MN.

We are currently working on the decking and seating. The mahogany combing is also well under way. The bulkheads and stringers have been cut and are waiting coated before we start assembling any further.