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In the winter of 2014 we landed a contract to build another Conductor. The first was launched in June of 2014. The second, Dolce, was completed shortly after that.  The Conductor models are our electric boats. Our motto at Symphony Boat Company is “in harmony with nature.” We feel as if this boat truly brings the harmony we are looking for. The all electric motor system will help to preserve the waterways for future generations. Every day more electrical energy is being renewably sourced (with growing watts of PV and wind power generation), a cruise in a Symphony Conductor model can be truly green.

We use bamboo for some finish and structural components.  It is one of the best renewable resources for building a variety of structures. It has excellent strength, weight and flex properties.  It also glues well with epoxy resin. Another great feature of bambooElektra Five-2 is the attractive and consistent grain pattern.

Our Conductor Six-2 is 20′-6” long and seats 10 passengers. That is the hull structure being dry-fit in the photo at left,  The Five-2 is 17′ and has capacity to carry six passengers. In the photo at right we see the deck assembled with its coaming. It will soon be covered with a non-slip finish. A sharp eye will spot the 2″ thick flotation foam built into the deck.  Seating also has flotation foam internal to the structure leaving all interior surfaces clean and smooth.

Please check in as we release details on a new tiny houseboat design called the Minuet model and a very unique Conductor model code-named the Quartet.