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The range will depend . . . on what battery setup is installed and what conditions the boat is operated under. First, the low-power models are designed to operate efficiently at or below displacement speeds. Therefore wattage use rises dramatically when attempting to operate in the range of speed near a hull's maximum displacement speed and will quickly deplete the battery. Second, the Torqeedo control includes a computer that continuously updates a display of the calculated range using GPS and battery condition for the operators convenience and safety. Like any energy system with limited available "juice", faster consumption results in lower range. You can contact us for more information.
  • Five-2 with 4 AGM lead batteries at 100 Ah each: 5 mph for 6 hours; 30 miles.
  • Six-2 with 4 AGM lead batteries at 100 Ah each: 5 mph for 5 hours; 25 miles.
  • Six-1 runabout has 25 kWh of storage in its lithium bank,  Its motor is about 50 kW at full power.  Doing the math: 25 kWh / 50 kW = .5 h or 30 minutes of full power run time. The boat goes 27 miles/h and 27/.5 = 13.5 miles at full power.  HOWEVER, run time at no-wake speed (6 mph) is about  10 hours which indicates a range of 60 miles.
Furthermore, your results will vary due to temperature, wind, waves, number of passengers, bottom fouling, etc., because of the added drag or benefit those variables bring.
The Conductor Five-2 and Six-2 Optimal cruising speed is 5 mph. They will go 6+ but at that point range decreases quickly. The Conductor Six-1 Cruise at a very pleasant 7 mph for 10 hours on a full charge (70 miles). Full speed operation (24 mph with passengers) will use the stored energy in 30 minutes or about 12 miles, depending on waves and wind.
We custom design and build to your desires but all design is based on our in-house processes. For example, we do not produce molded fiberglass boats.
$97 per hour. Base models can be easily modified to keep down the design costs. The current stock designs were done in about 4o hours each.
Yes. Electric motors power our Conductor class models.  We equip Maestro models with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) power. At Symphony Boat Company we advocate electric propulsion (Conductor class) and the benefits they bring to our precious waterways.