Conductor Six-2 Launch

DSC00044Over the past few months the Marcel and Jay have been working hard to complete the first two Conductor models. Today we launched the first Conductor Six-2, Pianissimo. Pianissimo was launched on the St. Louis River at the Spirit Lake Marina and RV Park. We were very excited to launch the first boat and be able to see the build come together so well.

We started building two boats side by side in the beginning of April we had a lot of work on our hands to get them in the water this summer. Having started with a completely new design and using a new material (Lamboo) we were up for the test.

We used the same process for the hull construction that Marcel used when he built Romance, an Overture model. Bonding aluminium, foam, and wood together has offered a strong, buoyant, and lightweight hull.

IMG_3026Pianissmo is 20’6”. The beam is 7’6”. The maximum capacity of the Conductor Six-2 model is 10 passengers or 2300 lbs. The Conductor Six-2 model is powered by a Torqeedo motor. We choose the Torqeedo Cruise 2.0 R because we felt that it complimented the boat well. The Cruise 2.0 R is equivalent to about 3 hp. The hull shape of this Conductor is a displacement design. Instead of being made for speed, the displacement hulls are made to glide through the water with little fuss.

The experience of riding on any of the Conductors is truly unique. Being in a boat that has an inner hull skin and interior of wood makes you feel as if you are in an old classic. The elegance of the wood can’t be matchIMG_3109ed.







This is Pianissimo, our first Conductor, with her first full load heading out on the St. Louis River.