SBC attends Aquatic Invasive Species Summit in Las Vegas

We would like to announce our participation in the 2015 Aquatics Invasive Species Summit in Las Vegas. The summit was the first to draw together various elements of the North American recreational boat industry to develop improved and unified methods for limiting spread of aquatic invasive species or AIS.  The summit was sponsored by several marine manufacturing and regulatory associations as well as state and federal governmental bodies such as the MN Department of Natural Resources. Also sponsoring was Tonka Bay Marina.

The AIS Summit hosted by the American Boat and Yacht Council, known as the ABYC, recognizes that AIS have become a major issue in our waterways that we all need to be concerned about. Invasive species are not native to our waterways and will harm the natural environment and the ecosystems. AIS include animals, plants and diseases. The main species that we need to be concerned about in our waterways are Eurasian milfoil, zebra mussels, and carp. The ABYC Summit focused on design and construction for boat builders in consideration to AIS. A few easy things that any boater can do to help protect our waterways are; before launching your watercraft and after removing it from the water, it should be cleaned, drained, and dried.