Our motto “in harmony with nature” is not only for our boat and building processes but for the engine systems that go in each watercraft. We have chosen electric propulsion systems for the Conductor models because they help to better preserve our waterways for the future generations and do not add to the foot print we have already left.

Symphony Boat Company is an authorized dealer for Torqeedo electric marine motors. Torqeedo offers a range in size from small kayak drives to the 160 hp Deep Blue inboard. The team at Symphony Boat Company will help you to make the right decision on which motor would be best for your boat. We can also help you with the installation process and will be able to answer any questions that you have.

Torqeedo motors are kinder to the natural environment.

Electric motors do not pollute the water. Torqeedo motors don’t emit any exhaust gases into the water. The water isn’t polluted when refueling. No oil or partially burned hydrocarbon is released into the water during operation.

Torqeedo motors leave only a small carbon footprint.  Electricity to charge batteries for Torqeedo drive systems is efficiently produced from natural gas, coal, hydro, wind, and of course solar.  Every year more electrical energy flows from sustainable and renewable sources.

Emissions during use are only part of the carbon footprint of any outboard. For a proper analysis, all production and logistics of gasoline, electricity, metal, batteries etc. need to be taken into account. Thanks to their lightweight construction, Torqeedo motors have a low carbon footprint to manufacture and ship to the end user.

In operation, it’s the superior efficiency that ensures Torqeedo motors protect the environment and climate better than other motors. A Torqeedo Travel can motor more than 10 nautical miles with a battery consumption equivalent to 8 teaspoons of gas. That is more than just a range advantage.

Accidents happen and occasionally a motor can go for an unexpected dunking.  If it is a Torqeedo, it has been engineered to IP67. This means it can usually be plucked from total immersion and immediately be returned to service.  Water ingress and possible damage can occur  based on depth and duration of immersion.

No smell, minimal noise, smooth operation

  • Torqeedo products don’t produce unpleasant smells during use, transport or storage.

  • There’s no risk of environmental contamination from leaking oil or gas. That’s practical when you want to transport them on the back seat of your car, stow them on board a larger yacht, or when you just want to keep your hands and clothes clean.

  • Torqeedo motors aren’t completely silent but they are appreciably quieter than comparable gas engines. Low speed control is very smooth and precise.


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