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Symphony Boat Company - In Harmony with Nature


We build attractive and unique boats from aluminum, marine plywood, foam and epoxy. Our boats are light, have clean styling, and the charm of natural wood. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, we understand lakes big and small and build boats for every style of boating. SBC has been around for 4 years consulting and designing small craft, and designer Marcel LaFond has 15 years of boat and yacht design experience working for you.

Learn more about his background here [link]. LaFond grew up around boats and dreamed of a cruiser he would build to do the Great Loop.

That dream continues but he is starting small with the Overture and the Elektra. [links] CAD and CNC technologies help turn flat sheet goods such as BS1088 marine plywood and 5052-H32 Marine aluminum alloy into foam cored, rigid, light, and efficient hulls.

The unique features setting a symphony boat apart from all the rest is a process of combining materials and technology already proven in the industry in a new way that provides high quality, durability, and style without the costly overhead of molds and the me-too styling of the typical pontoon, ski boat, bass boat, or runabout.

Symphony boats are priced competitively but offer the opportunity for customized length, deadrise, beam, freeboard, and interior features. Our structure is quiet (unlike aluminum) and buoyant. It is space efficient and easy to keep looking great.

Now you can own a beautiful stylish wooden boat but without all of the upkeep of a classic. Additionally, you can have one built with features seen on almost any modern (or classic) boat out there.  We can build it for you and you can make it unique. Best of all, we can keep the price affordable.

Last Updated: 4/23/2014