Current Projects

Would you like to know what is currently happening in the SBC shop? The team is always busy working on something whether it is a build, new design, or project.


Our Models

SBC can build you the custom boat of your dreams. We also offers multiple different stock models if you are not interested in have a boat custom designed.

We can also easily modify one of our stock models to fit your taste.


Our Beginning

Symphony Boat Company was launched in August of 2013, when Marcel LaFond completed the prototype Romance.

LaFond has always had a love for the water. Having had grown up by the water.....

Symphony Boat Company

What we do

Symphony Boat Company builds attractive and unique boats from aluminum, marine plywood, foam and epoxy. SBC's boats are light, have clean styling and the charm of natural wood. Located in Duluth, Minnesota, we understand lakes big and small and build boats for every style of boating.

Symphony Boat Company started 5 years ago with Marcel LaFond consulting and designing small craft. LaFond decided it was time to let his dream turn into a reality. He grew up around boats and dreamed of a cruiser he would build to complete the Great Loop. That dream continues but he decided to start small with the Overture and the Conductor models. You can learn more about Marcel's background here.


What is the most unique feature setting a Symphony boat apart from the rest? We use a combination of materials and technology already proven in the industry, orchestrated to provide high quality, durability, and style.  This is achieved without the costly overhead of molds and the me-too styling of the typical pontoon, ski boat, bass boat, or runabout. You get the best of both worlds with an aluminum hull and a wood interior.

We completed our first boat, an Overture model, in the summer of 2013. CAD and CNC technologies help turn BS1088 marine plywood and 5052-H32 marine aluminum sheet into a foam-cored, rigid, light, and efficient hull. It was designed and built to transport a group of fisherman up a remote chain of lakes to an island cabin. This model is available with the option of having a center console or tiller steering.

In the summer of 2014, SBC built the first Conductor Six-2 model. That Conductor has a hull designed specifically as a great low-speed cruise boat, complimenting the electric propulsion system.

Symphony Conductor

We call all of our electric designs Conductor models.  The boats are powered with Torqeedo electric motors with zero emissions on the water.  These motors do not require any maintenance and produce almost no noise. . The Conductor models are an excellent alternative to the traditional pontoon. These boats are also great for rental fleets, tour services, water taxis, work boats, for harbors, and inland waterways where speed is restricted.


Symphony boats are priced competitively but offer the opportunity for customized length, deadrise, beam, freeboard, and interior features. Our structure is quiet (unlike aluminum) and buoyant. They are space efficient and easy to keep looking great. Own a beautiful stylish wooden boat but without all of the upkeep of a classic woodie. You can have one built with features seen on almost any modern or classic boat out there and can build it for you and make it unique. Best of all, we can keep the price affordable.